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The strategy in a sentence:

Push against the loud, bold and boisterous beer category by making Hahn the beer for the middle man.

This project was an Oglivy client brief that we answered for Miami Ad School. The brief in a nutshell was to re-brand Hahn super dry to lead the way in the contemporary beer category. 


My partner Willow Ennen and I saw Hahn as a classic middle of the road beer. Interestingly, we found that beer ads don't represent the man in the middle, the introverted extrovert, the person at the party who is proud but not loud. To back this up, we found the founder of Hahn, Dr Charles "Chuck" Hahn was a bit of an introvert himself. This made Hahn the perfect beer to represent the more quiet characters who enjoy putting away a pint or two.


This concept won pitch 3 at Miami Ad School.

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