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The strategy in a sentence:

Communicate programmatic ad buyer "theTradeDesk" has taken down the paywall to advertising in China by sponsoring the paywalls in the AFR, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. 

Vince Usher & I entered this piece of work in 2019 for the Young Lions Australian competition. Luckily, for us we were selected as finalists for this piece of work. In the next stage (24 hour live brief) we were runners up and we will be representing Australia at the APAC level at Spikes Asia in Singapore

theTradeDesk were the sponsor of the competition in 2019 and they asked us how to get more Australian brands to spend money building brands in China via programmatic advertising. 

theTradeDesk provided a product to build Aussie brands in China at scale. They removed the paywall. So why not communicate this message by removing paywalls for the business community? Makes sense.

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